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We would like to inform you about consulting your own family doctor.

When and how available?
Always try to reach your primary care physician with a medical question during the day,
Monday through Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. This can be done digitally
or by phone. Outside office hours (5:00-8:00 p.m.) and on the
weekends, you can reach your doctor digitally via an MgN message via the
secure environment on or via the MedGemak app. U
will then receive an answer to your medical question 1-3 business days later or your
repeat prescription will be taken care of.

Triage in general practice
When you call the practice, the assistant will ask you a number of questions
questions. This is called triage. Triage literally translated means
sort . In general practice this comes down to: determining
the best help for you at that moment. Think of an appointment at
the consultation hour of the family doctor, the primary care assistant or the assistant,
an appointment at the telephone consultation, advice or medication.
The assistant can also explain the help you can expect.
It is not always the case that an appointment at your doctor's office is
is necessary to answer your question. and the Medgemak app
We encourage you, if you have not already done so, to sign up
to and download the MedGemak app: you can then view your
your own doctor's record, request prescriptions, consult test results
consult test results and see specialist letters. You can also ask digital questions
GP, POH or assistant and you can send photos for assessment.
to be reviewed. See our website to arrange this:

The emergency room for evening, night and weekends
Do you have urgent medical complaints that cannot wait until the next working day?
the next working day? Then contact the
Huisartsenpost via telephone number 010-2909888. Do not come directly to
the Huisartsenpost. The assistant will assess on the phone whether
it is necessary to actually visit the After-Hours GP Centre
or whether you can continue with advice. As family doctors of the Carnissehuis
we also regularly do shifts at the Rijnmond Rotterdam South GP Centre
Zuid (location Maasstad hospital) where only urgent complaints are
are assessed. Your own GP will be informed about this
contact. Only in life-threatening emergency situations call 112.

National Switch Point
Via the National Switch Point (LSP) general practitioners can, outside of
office hours, if necessary, view the most important data from your
GP records outside of office hours, if necessary. On https://www.volgjezorg.n l you can
give permission. Or you can contact the assistant of the
practice by sending a message via the MedGemak app to pass this on.
We will then process this in your file.

Finally, please make sure we are always aware of your correct email address
and phone number, in case of changes please let us know via or the MedGemak app.

Yours sincerely,
Your family physicians at the Carnisse House,

Practice Speeks T 010-4103777
Practice Brouwer and Van der Kallen T 010-4815198
Practice Terlaak and Timmers T 010-4103900

Spooneringel 49, 3083KB Rotterdam


Useful websites

Medical information:

Who should I call when:

Huisartsenpost Rotterdam Zuid (Maasstad hospital location): or
T 010-2909888


Sign up for and the MedGemak app: app:

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