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The 3 practices

The Carnisse House houses 3 family medicine practices under one roof. We provide family medicine care in Carnisse. The practice is fully wheelchair accessible. We believe it is important to provide high quality family medicine care and secure this through an internal quality system.

General practice Terlaak and Timmers
Doctor Terlaak is present on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Doctor Timmers is present on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Doctor van Gorkom is present on Tuesdays
Tel: 010-4103900

General Practice Speeks
Doctor Speeks is present on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Doctor Manders is present on Tuesday

Thursday and Friday acting family doctors

tel: 010-4103777

General practice Brouwer and van der Kallen
Doctor Brouwer is present on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and on Friday in the odd weeks
Doctor van der Kallen is present on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday in the even weeks
tel: 010-4815198

Practice folder:

Leaflet GP practices Carnissehuis 2022

Leaflet GP practices Carnissehuis English 2022

Within the Carnissehuis we work together with:

Benu pharmacy Carnissehuis:


Exercise therapy Carnissehuis:

Movedis dietician:

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