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Arrange your care online

You can log in to (MgN) and download the MedGemak app here. You will also find information on how to use

Via this MgN website and MedGemak app you can:

  • View your medication history and repeat your medication.
  • Send your doctor a message with a question and possibly a photo, so that the doctor can already take a look at, for example, a changed piece of skin or complaints about the eye. You can also read messages from the GP.
  • View your file, blood results and other results.
  • Schedule an appointment with the assistant
  • Scheduling a telephone appointment with the family doctor
  • Report changes in your contact details, such as your home address, e-mail address or telephone number.
Praktijk Brouwer en Van Der Kallen uses You can read more about this at the bottom of this page.
Arranging care online

What do we ask of you?

We would like to ask you to use the website and app as much as possible. This will avoid long waits on the phone and you will get an answer to your question faster. We ask you to log in at least once on the website and/or log in on the app MedGemak. Below you can read how to do that.

If you have questions or comments, or you are not getting around to logging on to or installing the MedGemak app, please let us know. The assistant can assist you further.


Step 1: DigiD request

If you don't have a DigiD yet, you can apply for one at:

For your children under 12, you can use your own DigiD.
This is also possible for your children between the ages of 12 and 16, but you will need your child's permission to view his/her file. More information can be found at:


Step 2: Log on to (MgN) with your DigiD


Step 3: MedGemak Download app, log in with activation code (optional)


Step 4: Log on to the National Switch Point (LSP)

Via the national linkage point, healthcare providers can, if necessary, view the most important data in your file outside office hours (e.g. at the GP Post). You can give permission for this at We will then process this in your file.


Practice Brouwer and Van der Kallen uses Click here to go to

Would you like a consultation with your GP and you are not able to visit us or would you like to do this after working hours? Then from now on you can also do a digital consultation with our general practice via We will provide you with answers to your indicated complaints and, if necessary, we will advise you to make an appointment with us or contact us by phone. This service is available to all patients registered with our practice. Please note that this is NOT suitable for emergency complaints where a quick response is required.

Ask your question online

  • The smart questionnaire allows us to know quickly and better how to help you (this is a significant advantage over a message via and the MedGemak app)
  • Send pictures so doctor can see what's going on
  • Receive a text message when it is your turn to see your doctor
  • Within about 1 business day a chat with your doctor to discuss your question
Click here for a video with more information.
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