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There are more and more outbreaks of measles in Europe. Also in the Netherlands, in the area of Eindhoven, a number of people have measles. Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease that can make children but also adults very sick. This is why measles vaccination has been included in the National Vaccination Program (RVP) since 1975. Because the vaccination rate of the BMR vaccination (against mumps, measles, rubella) is below 95% nationwide, the risk of an outbreak is increasing.

During the appointment at 14 months, one of the things we offer is the BMR vaccination. This is the best age to protect your child from measles as well and for as long as possible. Have you already had this appointment and your child has not been vaccinated? If so, contact the CJG.

After 1 BMR vaccination, 95% of vaccinated children are protected. After 2 shots, this is 99%. The CJG offers this second vaccination in the year your child turns 9.

For more information, see: Measles - A shot? Just like that! (

If you have questions about vaccination and measles please contact: CJG Rijnmond - Contact with CJG Rijnmond

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