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State of Corona Vaccinations

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There has been a lot of news about the Corona vaccinations in recent weeks. The advice from your doctor is to get a vaccination as soon as you are invited. The risk of becoming seriously ill from Corona is much greater than the small risk of serious side effects. We have listed the current situation for the different age groups.

Year of birth 1951 or earlier
You can make an appointment for a vaccination through the GGD. You don't have to wait until you receive a letter, you can already make an appointment digitally via If your health is too poor to go to the GGD, please contact your GP practice. 

Year of birth 1952 to 1955
The GGD will still call you in for a vaccination, but it is not yet known when. Probably between now and the end of May. The general practice still has AstraZeneca vaccines available. You can contact us if you want to receive this vaccine in the short term. 

Year of birth 1956-1960
You have been called to receive an AstraZeneca vaccine through your GP practice. We still have vaccines available. You can contact us via the app or by calling the assistant if you want to receive this vaccine in the short term. There are people who prefer to receive a vaccine of another brand. It is not yet clear if and when this will be possible. Our advice is to get a shot with the AstraZeneca vaccine in the short term.

Year of birth 1961 or later
There is no clarity yet on when you can receive a corona vaccination.

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