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We will take action on Friday afternoon July 1, from 12.00 pm for good general practitioner care: the practice is closed  

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From Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July, our practice, together with all other general practitioners in the Netherlands, will take action to draw attention to the pressure on general practitioner care.

We do this in the interest of all our patients. We believe that everyone in the Netherlands should have access to a general practitioner. But that is under pressure. The workload in general practitioner care is high and when we refer patients to the hospital and mental health care there are often long waiting lists.

We would like to have:

– more time for our patients;

– less crowds in the evening, night and weekend shifts;

– affordable housing for all general practices;

– that the waiting lists in hospitals, mental health care and youth care are resolved.

On Friday afternoon, July 1, we will go with many general practitioners and employees to the Malieveld in The Hague for a manifestation.

That is why our practice is closed on Friday afternoon from 12.00 pm. For emergencies that really can’t wait until Monday 4 July, we can be reached via the Huisartsenposten Rijnmond, location South, CALL FIRST, DO NOT come here yourself: 010-2909888.

Would you like to support us in this action? Go to to find out how. 


Explanation of action points:

More time for patient care:

The time for one consultation should be reduced to 15 minutes. Patients get older, often have more defects. General practitioner care has become more complex and extensive. Providing good care is no longer possible in 10 minutes.

Not everything belongs on the GP’s plate, the boundaries of our profession must be respected. Specialists and others must stop shifting tasks onto the GP. This is dangerous for the patient, is not the responsibility of the general practitioner and is at the expense of the time spent on care for our own patients.

In addition, we want less administrative burdens; a system of trust rather than accountability.

Shorter waiting times in mental health care, elderly care, youth care and hospitals:

We want the waiting lists to be addressed.

Patients do not receive the care they need on time after being referred by their general practitioners. As a result, they continue to call on the general practitioners. As a result, GPs have less and less time for other patient care. Care providers must offer waiting time relief to patients who are on the waiting list after referral by the GP.

High work pressure in evening, night and weekend shifts should be reduced:

The services are too busy and there are too many. General practitioners can no longer maintain this, in addition to working during the day in their own practice.

Patients only have to use and be admitted to the GP posts in case of real emergency complaints.

Only GPs with their own practice are responsible for the services in the evening, night and weekends at the GP post.

There must be a different division of responsibility for the services, a different organization and better integrated cooperation between GP posts, ambulances and emergency rooms.

Sufficient and affordable housing for general practices:

The minister must force the municipalities to create sufficient space in their plans for GP housing. Housing for a GP practice is often not included in a new residential area, which means that new residents cannot see a GP. The reimbursement of the costs for housing must also be adjusted to current standards and the region in which the practice is located (the costs for this are different in Drenthe than in Rotterdam, for example). 


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